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Yale lifting clamps and attachments have a reputation for reliability, quality and safety going back more than 35 years. For transportation and handling of loads with a hoist the TigripĀ® programme offers the optimum connection between hook and load for almost any application.

Yale Grabs & Clamps
TBL - Plate clamps with safety lock TBS - Plate clamps with hinged hook ring Shark - Plate clamp
Shark-S - Plate clamp with hinged hook ring TAG - Universal grab TSB - Non-marring Grab with Chain
TTG - Girder grab - horizontal transport TTR - Girder grab - vertical transport TTT - Girder grab - horizontal transport
TBP - Non-marring grab TCH - Horizontal lifting gear TGF - Horizontal lifting gear
TCR - Rail grab with safety lock THS - Lifting clamp with safety lock TWH - Lifting clamp
THK - Lifting clamp TPZ - Board clamp THM - Manual magnetic clamp
THG - Hand clamp TSH - Screw Clamp TSD - Screw Clamp
RL2 - Retracting Lanyard TRU Roundstock Grab TR - Pipe grabber
TPR - Profile steel grabber TVB - Block grab TBG - Small jaw stone-concrete grabber
TBA - Bale grab TDI - Inside grab
Pipe Hook BVH - Horizontal lifting hook