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Simple applications, clearness of the program in line with robustness, short-term deliveries and universal operation possibilities have made Yale hydraulic components indispensible tools also for elaborate functions.

Yale hydraulic tools are designed for professional operation with cylinders manufactured from high quality heat-treated chromium-molybdenum steel.

Yale Hydraulic Cylinders
YS - Universal cylinders YLS & YFS Low-height and flat cylinders
YPL - Pull cylinders YCH - Hollow cylinders
YCS - Hollow cylinders YH - Universal cylinders
YEHA/YEGA - High-tonnage cylinders YEL - Hydraulic cylinders with safety lock nut
Yale Hydraulic Cylinder Accessories
AYP - Threaded flange jacks AYH - Clevis eye mountings AYS - Lifting accessories

Yale Hand / Foot Pumps
HPH - Double acting hydraulic cylinder hand pumps HPS - Single acting hydraulic cylinder hand pumps HPS-1 1500A - Hand pumps
TWAZ - Hand pump FPS - Foot pump

Yale Other Pumps
PAY - Mini hydraulic pumps PY-04 - Electric motor pumps

Yale Hydraulic Power Packs
PYE - Electric hydraulic power packs Hydraulic power pack with 4-times solenoid valve
Double-hydraulic power pack PMF - 4-Multiflow power packs with solenoid directional valves
PMF - 4-Multiflow power packs with solenoid directional valves