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Checkmate offer three choices of lanyards to cover all manner of applications and user preference. Each one has its own unique benefits so it is important that care is taken when choosing the correct device.

PAL - Pro Absorber Lanyard plus elasticated option which uses kinetic webbing to progressively absorb energy.Peak forces are typically 3.5kN.

SAL - Shock Absorber Lanyard plus elasticated option which uses traditional tear webbing design. Easy to inspect after a fall with peak loads reaching 4kN.

RAL - Rope Absorber Lanyard utilises the same tear webbing pack as SAL but has the advantage of using 11mm kernmantle rope that can be choked back on itself via an alloy ring. Peak loads of 4kN

Checkmate Lanyard Connectors
A- Double Action Snap Hook B - Alloy Karabiner C - Alloy Scaffold Hook D - Steel Scaffold Hooks

Checkmate Lanyard Connectors
LR - Restraint Lanyard LRA - Restraint Lanyard PS2 - Pole Strap
PAL2 - Lanyard PAL3 - Lanyard PAL4 - Lanyard
SAL2 - Lanyard SAL3 - Lanyard SAL4 - Lanyard
SAL2E - Lanyard SAL3E - Lanyard SAL4E - Lanyard
RAL2R - Lanyard RAL3 - Lanyard RAL4 - Lanyard
WB2 - Work Positioning Belt